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Being a mother of three, a wife, a pet owner, and a home owner: I can understand that you can’t spend your limited amount of free time cleaning! Having a hefty “To-Do” list can cut into your quality of life and free time. Giving you back that time is our main concern. Have time for the more important things and let us wipe cleaning off your “To-Do” list!

 Susan, Tried & True

We Wipe Cleaning off your "To-Do" List!

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Maintenance Clean

Our Maintenance cleanings consist of a 31 point checklist. This checklist targets all rooms as well as your kitchen and bathrooms. These Weekly, Bi-Weekly or Monthly cleans will insure that you enter a fresh home after a long day. 

Initial General Clean

This clean is one of our two initial cleaning options. It will give your house a baseline for our maintenance cleanings, leaving your house looking like it would after one of our maintenance cleans. If you're looking to have an effective initial cleaning that leaves your house looking spotless, look no further, this is the option for you.

Initial Deep Clean

Initial General clean plus more! This clean includes everything that our Initial General clean offers, but cleaned by hand with a focus on build up. If it has been a while since your last clean and you are looking to have your house ready for maintenance cleanings, this is the option for you. 

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Our Services are backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Quality Control System is interactive and dependent upon your feedback and communication. We value your input on your cleaning experience and the quality you are receiving. We take great pride in our work and want to be informed when you are not satisfied with service. We are always open to hearing from you by phone or email with any details.



Team Leader

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Meet the Tried&True Team!

Our History

Tried & True Home Cleaning first began in 2009 by the owner, Susan Kushner. Susan decided to return to the workplace. She started working for a $25 billion company as a merchandising analyst. The work was unrewarding and the hours were long which kept her away from her children. 


Following her crazy passion for cleaning and the desire to spend more time with her kids, she completed a business plan for what we now call Tried & True Home Cleaning. Susan started learning all she could about cleaning professionally and running a successful business. She quit her full time job, with very little money in saving, absolutely no clients and started advertising her new venture. She cleaned every house herself until she couldn’t handle all the work alone.


Currently Susan works on growing the company while her valued employees work on keeping the business going strong every day. She truly believes in teamwork and keeping a balance between work and family.


If you're looking for an employment opportunity with Tried&True, get more information by taking a look at some points from our employee handbook!


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